We can provide a number of services to make your project run as smoothly as possible.

Site Visits and Site Specific Lift Plans.
We have a number of appointed persons available to visit your site to provide a simple access check to a full site specific lift plan.

We have qualified Slinger/banksman who are available to provide extra assistance.

Wide and Abnormal Loads
We have dispensations with most of the major police forces enabling us to move wide loads up to certain dimensions at short notice, we can also provide all necessary permits and our own Police Approved Escort Vehicle.

Skates and Bogies
Skates and Bogies are available to skate and place Cabins, Containers and machines where a crane cannot reach.

Trackway Temporary RoadwayTrackway Temporary Roadway
We have 100 metres of temporary roadway available to allow our vehicles to access the most soft or boggy ground, or to protect sensitive surfaces.

Oversize Outrigger Pads, Steel Road Plates and large Wooden Crane Mats.

All are company owned and readily available.